Reconstructing the educational philosophies in a context of Vietnam


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About the book

This book explores the importance of educational philosophies in the practice of teaching. The quest of having a guiding educational philosophy turns to be vital to Vietnamese education when people show different concerns about the consequences of having none or inappropriate ones in the context of globalization and technology. For example, Vietnamese people, under great influence of the feudal ideology together with Confucianism and French education, have still maintained the tradition of education with the focus on rote learning and the notions of “banking education”. More importantly, the desire to have a degree and even an advanced degree for a good job or promotion is quite popular among the majority of Vietnamese generations because it echoes the custom of becoming mandarins or governmental official as a spiritual goal of education. This leads to a vicious cycle of not only learning by rote as much as possible to pass the exam but also to cynicism about testing, leading to fraudulent degrees and the habit of exaggerating the importance of degree over knowledge and skills.

This book includes a detailed analysis of some current drawbacks together with the characteristics of Vietnamese education system from historical aspects to clarify the necessity for reconstruction of its educational philosophies.

The book is divided into seven chapters with some main points as follows:

  • Philosophy as the main factor for orientation of education
  • Traditional philosophies of education vs. Contemporary philosophies of education
  • Four proponents with educational philosophy or ideology having impact on Vietnamese education
  • The characteristics of Vietnamese education: its root and consequences
  • Teachers’ perceptions on educational philosophies

Although the problems studied in this book belong to a specific context, it is useful for those who are interested in Asian and Vietnamese education. After reading this book one can see how historical issues affect not only the philosophy of education but the mindset of an entire nation.

About the author:

Graduated from Gdańsk University and currently working at Can Tho University, Dr. Van Thị Tuyet Phan is passionate about doing social and pedagogical research and always expects to raise public awareness about the roles of education in changing, bettering and developing society. In this sense, she would like to introduce and apply critical pedagogy – an advanced pedagogy enabling us to study current educational problems-to the Vietnamese education system in general and higher education in particular. Her multi-dimensional perspective on the roles of critical pedagogy in dealing with social and educational problems such as poverty, immigration, and fixed mindset in Vietnamese education could be recognized from a number of her publications.

Publication details:

Author: Van Thị Tuyet Phan

Date of publication: October 2019

Publisher: Stowarzyszenie „Na Styku” (Na Styku Association)

License:  Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) 

ISBN number: 978-83-946340-2-5